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"Don't read it in public unless you are happy to let people see you giggle helplessly. "

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The Herring in the Library

Winner of "The Last Laugh Award" 2010

from Crimefest Bristol 2011




THE TIMES, Books for Christmas (part 1) - Marcel Berlin - 18th November 2010.

'Pastiches and parodies of the golden age of whodunits are hardly scarce, but few succeed in getting it right. Agatha Christie and her ilk seem to be easy targets, but too much mickey-taking ceases to be fun. More importantly, affectionate satire on its own is not enough: plot and characters must work too. LC Tyler's `Herring' series of which The Herring in the Library is the third, meets all the challenges with panache...A joy to read.'

IT'S A CRIME! - (27th August 2010)

"......do you fancy something with a mystery to solve?  Something witty and clever?  Something that will have you laughing out loud?  Yes?  Well, do rush off to your local bookshop or library to grab a copy of this novel right now......

Immense fun and the best in the series so far."

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MORNING STAR - Mat Coward - (23rd August 2010)

"....the latest in a tremendously funny series which has fun with - rather than making fun of - the classic British whodunnit.

.......There are plenty of in-jokes aimed at fans of classic crime, and indeed at contemporary crime writers, but not so many as to irritate the general reader and the tone of the book-within-a-book is absolutely spot on - bad enough to be hilarious, but not enough to be unbelievable."

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THE GUARDIAN - Laura Wilson - (14th August 2010)

"The third book in this delightful series featuring an unsuccessful writer of medieval mysteries, Ethelred Tressider, and his forthright agent, Elsie Thirkettle, is very much set in "Golden Age" territory. This time, references to Cluedo abound as the ill-matched pair accept an invitation to Muntham Court, home of Tressider's old friend the banker Sir Robert Muntham, who is duly found dead in his locked study after dinner. Several of the staff and guests had good reason to wish him ill, and Tressider, encouraged by his discovery of an apparently forgotten secret passage, starts to investigate. Written with relish and a light heart, The Herring in the Library plays with the conventions of the traditional crime story.No gore and nothing to frighten the horses – but plenty of nifty plot-twists, jokes all the way, and a great deal of fun".


"If you think Midsomer Murders are a bit off the wall, meet sleuths Elsie Thirkettle (a literary agent) and Ethelred Tressider (an obscure crime writer) who have a taste for red herrings. It’s a rib-tickling take on Christie’s classic country house murders. Funny, but cleverly intriguing with it. The series is fast achieving cult status and here our unlikely duo are attending a posh do at Muntham Court when their host is found strangled in a locked room." .

DO YOU WRITE UNDER YOUR OWN NAME - Martin Edwards (July 2010)

"There are plenty of jokes, as well as a witty finale, and I can imagine the author’s delight in having Sir Robert’s comely widow saying to Ethelred, ‘I’ve always found crime writers irresistibly attractive. Most women do.’ Alas, it’s a reminder that this is a work of inventive fiction! I am a Len Tyler fan, and his work is one of my favourite discoveries of the last few years. This is another very agreeable read."

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THE BOOK BAG (July 2010)

"A glorious mixture of Golden Age detective fiction and hilarious one-liners. Don't read it in public unless you are happy to let people see you giggle helplessly."

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