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Ten Little Herrings

Shortlisted for "The Edgars" USA 2011

and "The Last Laugh Award" Crimefest, Bristol 2010.


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Lincolnshire Echo, Aug 14, 2010 by Julie Sayed

"WONDERFULLY quirky is the best description to give L C Tyler's Ten Little Herrings....

The distinctive cover of Ten Little Herrings is eye-catchingly retro and much of the story-telling harks back to the Agatha Christie style of yesteryear, but it is also laced with biting humour and more modern connections - all adding to the book's quirky charm."


Marcel Berlins, The Times. (12th September 2009)

"Tyler juggles characters, story, wit and clever one-liners with perfect balance." Read whole review.

Jessica Mann, Literary review (September 2009)

"Sophisticated metafiction plus knockabout farce".

FLEUR FISHER (September 2009)

"Detail, wit and wonderful characters." Fleur Fisher Reads".......

3SIXTY (September 2009)

"This second outing for Elsie & Ethelread is an ideal antidote to a dreary autumn evening."

Jonathon Edwards in "Do you write under your own name" (August 2009)

"tradtional detective fiction with memorable wit and a modern twist.". Read whole review.

(It's a crime! (or a...) (August 2009)

"It's another gem in the writing oeuvre of the emerging L C Tyler.  More please and soon." ..Read whole review

Pitshanger Bookshop (August 2009)

" the absolute cream of comedy crime"





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