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" this is a warm, intelligent and beautifully observed diversion." PRESS ASSOCIATION

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Topical Satire & Black Comedy

Inventor of the Sorensen-Birtwistle Revised Scale of Girl-Rage, Chris has a beautiful girlfriend (Virginia), two likeable potential parents-in-law (Hugh and Daphne) and a classic sports car with a leather-covered gear stick. Impending matrimony and the car's leaking roof seem to be the only clouds on the horizon. But his apparently comfortable world is turned upside down when Hugh dies suddenly and Daphne (after one Irish Cream too many) reveals some shocking information.

Meanwhile...In an inn, in the Danube Valley, in the seventeenth century, a certain cantankerous philosopher seems to have some words of guidance for our modern-day hero. We join Virginia and Chris (and Rene) as they seek to uncover the truth about Hugh, themselves and the meaning of life. "A Very Persistent Illusion" is a hilarious, hugely inventive and thought-provoking novel about love, madness and reality.

Publication Date March 2009

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"I loved this book. I laughed out loud, despite the fact that black humour is not usually my thing. I cried in a tears-running-down-face-and-sniffles way and I hated getting to the end....... It's one of those plots which seem to be quite straightforward until you really think about it and then the skill with which it's been crafted is evident. There's layer upon layer, neatly bonded together."

The Bookbag. March 2009. Full review....

Compelling and clever, I really couldn’t put it down. A deceptively light read. I laughed out loud’ - Alison Joseph, author of the Sister Agnes Mysteries . March 2009.





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